Energy sciences group for Contracting and general trade  is one of well known companies in Iraq which working in the fields of electric generation, power distribution & transmission networks  

ESG has interests with other activities such as: (substations, communication systems, water treatment )

Mainly, ESG is dealing with gas power plants at all power generation capacities in addition to construction works for infrastructure of these projects. This cooperation also includes supply & install substations (400/132/33/11 KV) with power values according to request. ESG offers it's services under international specification (IEC).

 In order to make integration between any power system and it's infrastructure, ESG has a team of experts ready to work with modern technologies and high skills to execute the construction works.

For designs and technologies, ESG has specialized engineering & technical staff in the field of electrical projects design at each (small & medium types). For large projects, we have strong relations with consultant companies & bureaus on two levels of local and global ) in order to respond for international development requirements by designs those achieve the customer needs.

Because of the strong demand for investment in Iraq, and the Iraqi government issued an investment law where, It is very encouraging, through tax breaks, especially in the case of joint cooperation between foreign and local establishments.

ESG also has it's trading activity which includes wide spectrum of items as described in the subsequent pages.

ESG considered as an original & exclusive branch for Turkish (Active power company)for more details go to page:               

 (Active power products)