1. Distribution Transformers:

ESG supplies  a wide range of oil cooled distribution transformers. The standard range is from 100 KVA to 4000 KVA The cooling media is generally mineral oil. The transformers will generally comply to international standards (IEC) or any standards required by the customer.

2. Power Transformers:

ÇESG has ready to supply power transformers up to 63 MVA and the maximum voltage class is 132KV. The oil filled Power Transformers will be provided with externally mounted detachable type radiators for cooling. The Power transformers are generally provided with On load type of tap changers. These OLTC's will be either on tank 31.5 MVA POWER TRANSFORMER type or in tank type based on customer requirement.

3. Package Substations:

Package substations complete with enclosures confirming to requisite class of protection can be supplied and installed by ESG. The rating covered in this case is 100 KVA to 2000 KVA.

4. Transformers For Oil Field Applications:

ESG has the possibility for supplying  special transformers for oil field application. These include pad mounted transformers as per ANSI standard with two windings per phase providing both star and delta combinations. Multi tap transformers for both 22KV and 11 KV applications are also offered to meet the special requirement.

5. Cast Resin Transformers:

ESG also can provide the transformers of cast resin coils. The highest capacity which can be offered by us is 5000 KVA. These transformers are assembled as per the designs supplied by ocrev and confirmation to customers specification.


it is one of important parts in the field of distribution substations and ESG has the ability to supply these components in both types (Vacuum & SF6) with multi capacities that manufactured in original sources like (Siemens , Schneider, ABB, AREVA,) with high quality of protection relays.


ESG is ready to supply and install high efficiency generators complete with and with out sound proof and insure the original sources (Perkins, Cummins)The rating covered is 50 to 2000 KVA.

Power cables:

ESG also offers many types of power cables (11,33)KV with various sizes (3×150)(1×150) (1×400)mm2 supplied from excellent sources such as : (HES Cables , LEADERS CO) which well-known by manufacturing hi quality cables.


One of activities is supplying control & distribution panels. ESG has a good  experience  to supply, install & maintain  all panels used in the fields of power distribution, control & generation such as: (AC distribution panels, RTCC panels, RTU panels, MDF&DAS panels).

Transmission lines:

 ESGis ready for carrying-out power transmission networks for all types : HV(132 – 400 KV) , MV(11 – 33 KV), LV for both overhead & under ground lines. Work at this field can includes practical survey to determine the line route followed by soil investigations, supply and installation of all components (towers, lines, insulators, spindles, foundation works, sagging adjustment, and finally test & commission).

Substation test instruments:


 ESG has offered all types of testers used with substations (insulation tester/megger, oil tester, primary current injector, protection relay tester, DC hi pot, microhmeter, phase sequence tester, transformer winding resistance tester…….etc).


Laboratory instruments:

 ESG interests to provide Laboratory instruments and seeks to cooperate with universities & scientific institutions implement their needs

Special services to substations:

the services offered by ESG will include maintenance process for all components of substations

- Repairs of old transformers, site testing of transformers.

- Transformers oil filtration at sites.

- Repairs of all types of switchgears.

- Repairs, setting, reprogramming of protection relays.

Water Treatment :

ESG has the ability to execute water treatment projects , with production capacity between 15 m3/hr to 500 m3/hr. and rehabilitation for all types of water compact units.

Also ESG offered it’s services to supply all spare parts (end section or split case pumps & submersible pumps, boosting pumps - with various head and flow rate, RO systems, all capacities of chlorination devices, Multi capacity of press steel ready tanks, …etc.

Electric substations:

ESG has highly experience in power distribution field by executing many substations (400/132/  33/11 KV with various power values (5,10,16,31.5, 63….etc). under best specifications and conditions where the components of theses substations manufactured by (SCHNIDER, SIEMENS,AREVA, ABB) companies.

Power plants :

 ESG gives big importance for electric power generation where it is specialized at this field for variable types. We have engineering and technical staff for installation and maintain works. also we are ready to supply spare parts for power plants.