ESG has  completed many projects in several Iraqi cities, such as:

- Al Muhanawiya substation (33/11 KV) – (2 × 10 ) MVA  has been accomplished at Al Diwaniyah  province by the staff of  ESG

- ESG staff has implemented Al Majd substation 33/11KV  & western Al samawa substation 33/11 KV each of (2× 31.5) MVA at Al Muthana  province.

-  Al Khidder substation 33/11 KV        (2× 31.5) MVA  now under construction, and is located within the responsibility of our group. We expect completion in the coming six months.

-We have also completed several projects of power transmission lines in Baghdad (33 KV under ground and overhead).

- Work team from company have contributed       to the rehabilitation of   öAl Nassiriya power plant.